This summer (2017), I will be TA-ing for the second time for Prof. Isaac Kramnick’s course on Freedom and Justice in the Western Tradition for high school students at Cornell University. In the fall, I will TA for Introduction to American Politics with my PhD advisor, Suzanne Mettler, and will also teach my own introductory course on American government for the Cornell Prison Education Program.

With my advisor, Suzanne Mettler, I recently presented a paper-in-progress, “Political Dysfunction and Public Policy” at the annual SSRC Anxieties of Democracy Working Group on Institutions conference at Princeton University, sponsored by Princeton’s Department of Politics Center for the Study of Democratic Politics. The conference was held from 27-28 October in Princeton, NJ.

I also recently published a book chapter on judicial networks in the Oxford Handbook of Political Networks with Dino Christenson (associate professor at Boston University) and Janet Box-Steffensmeier (professor at Ohio State University). Please see more information about the chapter here.

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