Please see below for information on my college-level teaching experience. 

• PSCI 102: American Government, Cornell Prison Education Program, Fall 2017
• PO 141: Introduction to Public Policy, Boston University, Summer 2015 [course materials]
• PO 300: Special Topics in American Politics—Executive Power and the Modern Presidency, Boston University, Spring 2015 [course materials]
• PO 111: Introduction to American Politics, Boston University, Summer 2014 [course materials]
• International Politics, Boston University Summer Challenge Program, Summer 2015 [course materials]


• GOVT 1615: Freedom and Justice in the Western Tradition (with Isaac Kramnick), Summer 2016, 2017
• GOVT 3112: US Congress and the Legislative Process, Cornell University (with David Bateman), Spring 2016 and 2017
• GOVT 1111: Introduction to American Politics, Cornell University (with Suzanne Mettler), Fall 2016
• PHIL 105: Introduction to Ethics, Cornell Prison Education Program, Fall 2016
• PO 841: Quantitative Research Methods, Boston University (with Taylor Boas) [course materials], Fall 2013 and 2014
• PO 313: Politics and Policy of HBO’s The Wire, Boston University (with Katherine Levine Einstein and David Glick), Fall 2013 [course materials]


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