Introduction to American Politics

I served as Instructor for PO 111: Introduction to American Politics in the Department of Politucal Science at Boston University during the first summer term of 2014 (20 May – 30 June). Please see below for relevant course materials.

Syllabus [pdf]

Class notes:
Session One (Intro) [ppt]
Session Two (Congress) [ppt]
Session Three (Presidency) [ppt]
Session Four (Judiciary) [ppt]
Session Five (Bureaucracy) [ppt]
Session Six (Welfare State) [ppt]
Session Seven (Media) [ppt]
Session Eight (Public Opinion) [ppt]
Session Nine (Campaigns and Elections) [ppt]
Session Ten (Race and Gender) [ppt]
Session Eleven (Interest Groups and Money) [ppt]

Final exam study guide and review questions: [pdf]
Final exam: [pdf]

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