Introduction to Public Policy

I served as the Instructor for PO 141: Introduction to Public Policy in the Department of Political Science at Boston University. Please see relevant course materials below.

Syllabus: [pdf]
Midterm Exam (Instructions): [pdf]
Final Exam: [pdf]

Lecture slides:
Session 3: Defining Social Welfare (5/26/2015) [ppt]
Session 4: The Political Process (5/28/2015) [ppt]
Session 5: The Market System (6/2/2015) [ppt]
Session 6: The Role of Government (6/4/2015) [ppt]
Session 7: Examining and Analyzing Data (6/9/2015) [ppt]
Session 8: Regression Analysis (6/11/2015) [ppt]
Session 9: Cost-Benefit Analysis and Program Evaluation (6/16/2015) [ppt]
Session 10: The Role of Institutions (6/18/2015) [ppt]
Session 11: Policy Design and Review (6/23/2015) [ppt]


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